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tubWhen the time comes or the need arises, R & D Marble has handicap accessible bathtubs.


When personal stability and safety concerns prevent people from using standard bath tubs, a walk in tub may be an option to consider.  We are distributors and installers of Serenity walk in bath tubs.  You can see a Serenity Walk In Bathtub® in our showroom at 11743 N. US Hwy 75 in Willis, TX 77378 between the hours of 8 and 5 Monday through Friday, or by appointment after hours or on Saturday.

Walk In Bathtubs are the leader in the design and manufacture of walk in tubs. We offer both the 26 inch and 30 inch walk in tub. The tubs come with a long list of features and options available.

Standard features include:

feat 2sealDOUBLE WATER TIGHT SEAL: which is exclusive to the Serenity Walk In Tubs. There is a life-time warranty on the seal is the only walk in tub on the market that has an extra double water tight door seal installed at the factory.

WIDE 18-1/4 INCH DOOR: which makes the tub easy to get into and out of. The easy access door also features a stainless steel piano hinge, which is far superior to the two hinge models.

ROUNDED DOOR: with the door being rounded on the bottom, you won't have to move your feet and legs out of the way to shut the door.

feat deltaDELTA FAUCETS: Delta faucets are known for being the best in quality. All Serenity Walk In Tubs come with the Delta high volume faucets and showers. The faucet is efficient and will fill twice as fast as a standard faucet. Delta also provides a Lifetime Warranty and is available in several different finishes.

CABLE OPERATED DRAIN: Exclusive to Serenity Tubs. With the cable operated drain, anyone can open or close the drain with very little effort. There is no need to bend down or move from the comfort of the seat. The drain handle is easy to grip and easy to operate. Drains at 131 gallons per minute.

feat seatTHE DEEPEST SOAKING TUB: The Serenity Walk In Tub is the deepest soaking tub available, measuring an impressive 21" to the seat, which will allow most people to soak shoulder deep! The tub is designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

COMFORTABLE CONTOURED SEAT SIX INCH STEP-IN HEIGHT: The tub is designed with a low step-in height, which will allow easy and safe access into and out of the tub. There is an optional three inch step available.

ANTI-SLIP SEAT AND FLOOR: A molded anti-slip surface is on the floor and seat for added safety.

feat adjheadANTI-SLIP COMFORTABLE COUNTOURED SEAT: The specially designed seat makes the bathing experience more comfortable

16 INCH HIGH SEAT: The seat height is designed to ensure safety and comfort.

DOOR RIGHT OR LEFT: When ordering your new tub, specify whether you would like a right or left opening door.

EASY TO GRIP HANDLE: The door is designed to be easily opened by any person, regardless of strength or physical dexterity.

ADJUSTABLE SHOWER SLIDE BAR: The Walk In Tub can easily be used as a stand-up or sit-down shower with the adjustable shower slide bar.

SHOWER CURTAIN, ROD, AND RINGS: These features are standard on our Walk In Tubs.

BUILT IN TOWEL RACK: The convenience of a towel at your fingertips has been designed into the tub with the built-in towel rack.

feat steel frameBUILT-IN GRAB BAR: Safety and comfort are the first priority in the Serenity Walk-In Tubs.

ONE INCH STEEL FRAME: Just as your home requires a strong foundation, the steel frame is the foundation of the Serenity Walk In Tub providing quality and durability. Because of the steel frame, there is no concern with the tub twisting or becoming distorted, causing the tub to leak. The frame has completely welded joints, power coated finish, and built to last.

SEVEN LEVELING LEGS: The seven leveling legs provide plenty of support for the tubs and simplifies the installation. Simply twist and lock into place.

In addition to all of the standard features, the Serenity Walk In Bathtubs have optional features allowing you to customize your tub to fit your exact needs and desirres. Come by R & D Marble today to see the Serenity Walk In Tub and learn how it can increase the quality of life for someone in your family. We can also create custom backsplashes and tub trims manufactured to your specifications, along with sinks and countertops to coordinate with your walk in tub.

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