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caesarstone 2In 1987 the CaesarStone Corporation developed an innovative product using quartz, which is one of nature's hardest materials, as a base to produce a line of new countertop and surfacing products. Surprisingly, CaesarStone’s physical properties soon became universally renowned—launching a new product category in the stone countertop industry.


Caesarstone quartz surfaces are the best combination of nature and technology. They are highly resistant to stains, non-porous, and scratch resistant and almost maintenance free, retaining their beauty without sealants or waxes. Caesarstone has four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite. Due to the outstanding durability of Caesarstone, it can be installed in thinner forms to save weight, or in larger sections to reduce the number of joints on a surface, which provide money saving features customers appreciate.

CaesarStone is the original quartz surface manufactured primarily for use as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

CaesarStone is created by mixing crushed quartz with quality polymer resins and pigments, compressing the mixture using vibration, vacuum, and finally forcing it into dense, non-porous slabs. These slabs are cured, trimmed to the desired thickness, and polished to an amazing durable shine.

CaesarStone has long been used in the finest homes in our area, and now it is being used frequently as a finish for commercial and institutional projects as well. CaesarStone quartz stands up to wear and tear, maintaining its beautiful finish with very little special care.caesarstone 1

    CaesarStone’s hard, nonporous surface never needs sealing and is very easy to clean. For most spills, a little soap and water are all that is needed to keep your CaesarStone countertop looking new.

    CaesarStone's research and development department is constantly developing the next new trend in color and design. Their designs influence building trends and inspire creative applications which flow well beyond the countertop niche.

    CaesarStone’s unique properties and robust durability permit an unusually large variety of edge silhouette choices.

    CaesarStone's 93% quartz surfaces remain cool, while retaining the tactile qualities of natural stone. You can choose from aggregates which range from fine to coarse-grained and select solid colors or color blends for varied visual texture. Your CaesarStone surface can be manufactured with one of three finishes:
    1. Polished
    2. Honed (matte)
    3. Textured

    CaesarStone provides the first of its kind, lifetime* warranty covering your CaesarStone surface for as long as you own your home.

* Contact R. & D. Marble for more information and its application to Residential and Commercial use.

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