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silestone 2Silestone by Cosentino, a Spanish corporation, is known as the world’s leading producer of quartz surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. One of Cosentino’s most important brands is the Silestone line of bacteriostatic-bacterial inhibiting-quartz countertops.

Silestone was created in 1990 as an enhanced natural stone product. The improvements gave the Silestone developers well-deserved attention and appreciation of both design professionals and end users. It has proven so successful that Silestone has made a category all of its own: The category of bacteriostatic quartz surfaces and countertops.

Because of its unique properties and enhanced characteristics, Silestone provides its users with a unique product which automatically makes them the owner of a one of a kind surface. Silestone has been usurped by the world of architecture and interior design as the pinnacle of innovation and stylishness. Interior design and architecture professionals have selected Silestone as their first choice in more than 50 countries. As the market leader in bacteriostatic quartz surfaces, Silestone continues to improve Silestone for use in both public and private building projects.


Silestone is a treated natural quartz surface designed to decorate stylish kitchens and baths. As the only countertop with antimicrobial protection; Silestone also appeals to the decorator and interior designer with a variety of colors and textures.

Silestone Natural Quartz Surfaces    
Silestone begins with 94% natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily hard and resilient. The antimicrobial in Silestone gives it hygienic properties that are not available in the competitive surface market. Silestone is the right choice for your kitchen and bath countertops, floors and walls. Silestone comes in a variety of colors and decorative options from a single kitchen countertop to entire home projects.


Quartz is crystallized silicon dioxide (SiO2) and it is typically white or transparent. If quartz is formed with impurities, it will absorb color from these impurities. Because of quartz’s extreme hardness and its resistance to acids, quartz is used to make a variety of products requiring precision and durability. This is one reason why quartz is the main ingredient in Silestone.

Exclusive Textures
Silestone’s original finish was expanded, with a new look and feel named Silestone Leather™. The inspiration for Silestone Leather was the matte, smooth texture of natural leather that has been incorporated to give the stone the appearance of leather and the durability that has always been Silestone.

silestone 3Color and Depth

When Silestone was introduced over 20 years ago, it had 12 colors, today there is a color palette of more than 50 colors. We have designed each new color to be appealing while blending with current trends in fashion and design.

Silestone offers a wide array of optional hues allowing you to select the depth of color which supports your design choices. The color design options range from a single color process which gives a consistent look, to the three-dimensional color process for added depth. For even more richness, the exclusive five-dimension color process provides an even greater degree of color alteration. Silestone’s colors vary from very subtle neutral tones, to almost brilliant dynamic tones.

Pattern and Composition

Silestone is also produced in a stylish variety of patterns. Beginning with solid patterns and moving on to variegated color selections. Silestone displays movement and contains varying sizes of quartz gemstone particulates and other enriching ingredients. The ability to add a variety of compositional components provides almost endless possibilities. Enhancements, such as glass and mirrors displayed in the Stellar Series, or large grains of quartz in the Mountain Series or the sanded mirrors in the Cielo Series adds a variety of compositional components. Regardless of where you begin your design will be as new and unique as your imagination.


Silestone offers an amazing degree of application possibilities. While it is ideally suited for kitchen countertops, Silestone is also exceptional when installed as a bathroom vanity. It’s great for table tops, floors and shelving. Silestone is excellent as a backsplash or shower walls and other wall coverings, giving you the power to continue reinventing your spaces with Silestone Quartz. Silestone is also a great option in commercial designs and installations where a low maintenance surface that looks like new for a long time is required.

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