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  • Endurance is a homogenous, thermoset polymer compound comprised of polyester and acrylic components filled with aluminum trihydrate.
  • Endurance is made to be tough and long lasting. It is solid through and through, with no coating to wear off. For years to come, with minimal care, Endurance will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed.
  • Endurance has a satiny smooth finish that is pleasing to the touch. Endurance nonporous surfaces are stain-resistant and ideal for kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, wet bars, and other surfaces subject to the hazards of moisture and excessive use.
  • Endurance is tough and resists chipping and cracking better than tile, porcelain, or laminates. Because Endurance is a solid product with no coating, it is easily repaired.
  • Endurance offers a design flexibility not available in other materials. Even the most challenging kitchen designs can be installed without exposed joints for that seamless appearance.
  • Endurance offers an assortment of custom edge treatments. Colored inlays and a variety of routed designs are standard offerings with Endurance.


  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Wide array of colors
  • Molded sinks
  • Easy to clean
  • 10 year warranty


How do I care for Endurance?

For day-to-day maintenance, simply wipe your countertop clean using a damp cloth and your normal household cleaner. No special cleaning products are needed to keep Endurance surfaces looking great day in and day out.

Will abrasive cleaners hurt Endurance?

No, because unlike laminates or porcelain that have a thin protective coating, Endurance is solid all the way through. The occasional use of an abrasive cleaner on a Scotch-Brite® pad will only help maintain the original beauty of Endurance.

Does Endurance stain?

Endurance is nonporous and stain resistant; yet difficult stains like food colors, coffee and grape juice, if left on for extended time, can stain the surface. These stubborn stains can be easily removed with an abrasive cleaner or a light sanding.

Can I cut on Endurance?

Endurance counters are not meant to be used as a cutting surface. We recommend the use of a cutting board when required. Knives can cut or scratch the surface. When this occurs, a light sanding followed by the use of a Scotch-Brite® pad will return your counter to its original finish.

Can I put a hot pot on Endurance?

Endurance has a high heat tolerance, but hot pots taken directly off the stove can reach extreme temperatures that can damage Endurance. A hot pad is required in this instance. Cigarettes will not burn Endurance. However, nicotine stains and scorch marks may occur. These can be easily removed with an abrasive cleaner or light sandpaper.

Why Choose Endurance over tile, Formica®, or natural stone?

Unlike tile, Endurance is a solid product with inconspicuous seams. It is simple to maintain with no grout joints to collect dirt. Laminates offer only a thin layer of protection that can be permanently damaged by chipping, scratching, or releasing from its substrate. Natural stone although very durable and beautiful, has exposed joints and does not offer the choice of molded sinks. Some natural stones can be permanently damaged by staining.

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