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granite 2Natural Stone is an excellent choice when building a new home or replacing your current kitchen countertops or other heavily used surfaces.

R & D Marble offers a wide selection of natural stone slabs that have been quarried in the United States, Italy, Brazil, and other countries from around the world. Because of this it is available in a remarkable array of colors and patterns. Granite’s durability and longevity make it perfect for residential or commercial installations, as well as being used in your outdoor projects.

Granite is chosen for new builds and remodels because of the value, style and luxury it adds to a home. Granite adds durability and richness in both color and appearance. R & D Marble, Inc. offers one of the widest selections of granite and natural stone in the Montgomery County and Houston area. The knowledgeable staff at R & D Marble, Inc. are available to assist you as you evaluate your needs and preferences to select the perfect stone for your home.

Natural stone is an investment that will provide your home with many years of beauty and service. The elegance and function of natural stone is difficult to imitate. There are many aspects that need to be considered and the experts at R & D Marble are prepared to work closely with you as you select your stone. Helping you find the perfect slab is what we enjoy doing!


Natural stone is classified in two categories according to its composition: Siliceous or Calcareous.

Siliceous stone primarily contains silica or quartz-like particles. Siliceous stone is very durable and easy to maintain. Granite, slate, quartzite, brownstone and bluestone are all siliceous stone

Calcareous stone is primarily composed of calcium carbonate. Calcareous stone is sensitive to acidic cleaning products and will often require different cleaning products than siliceous stone. Marble, travertine, limestone and onyx are types of calcareous stone.



Keep in mind that granite and marble are natural stones and as such are never perfectly regular. Irregularities will include variation in markings, pits, fractures, inclusions, color variations and pattern dissimilarities. These variations mean that a natural stone product is a quality product. Additionally, these variations are all a measure of the natural stone's charm and exquisiteness. Because natural stone is in fact natural, there can be no guarantee of consistency in color, veining or other natural characteristics. It is important to understand and to keep in mind that every slab of natural stone is unique and every bundle is diverse. Store samples are representative of what you may receive but it is impossible to provide an exact sample of an uncut slab. R & D Marble will have you go to a local stone yard to pick out your exact slab when you are ready to purchase your stone. This way you will be able to evaluate the slabs and choose the perfect stone for your project.
One of the main reasons natural stone is a preferred for countertops is its strength and durability. Granite’s mineral grains were bonded tightly together during a very long slow cooling process which occurred millions of years ago. With the combination of quartz and feldspar in this process, mother nature created granite that has become harder than steel. This hardness makes granite desirable for buildings, for decorative purposes and for countertops. Other desirable qualities of granite include taking and keeping a good polish and resisting the weather and acid rain.


  • marblePits: Pits are common in all granites and should be anticipated when choosing any natural polished stone. In addition to quartz and feldspar all granites include biotite in the structure of their original formation. The biotite in granite is soft and flaky and during the polishing process the first few layers of biotite are removed which can result in pitting. Pitting does not impact the quality or the usefulness of the granite or result in less durability.
  • Fissures: Fissures/fractures are cracks that were formed in natural stone due to mountain’s upheaval and movement.
  • Cracks: Cracks result from the mechanical processes needed to cut, handle, fabricate, transport, and install granite. Cracks are avoided when they are detected and seldom noticeable in kitchen or bath natural stone countertops.
  • Beauty Marks: Beauty marks are a natural concentration of color. They are the result of the naturally varying intensity of colored quarts and feldspar and produce both spots and lines with varying colors.

Seams in natural stone countertops are visible. All sinks installed in a granite countertop must be either under-mount or a drop in style.


graniteAt R & D Marble, Inc, we apply a special sealer after fabricating your granite. We encourage you to seal your granite at least once a year using a special granite sealer which can be purchased in our showroom. This special sealer lessens the granite's vulnerability to stains. It is important to know that oils and products which are intended to stain (like furniture polish) can permeate the original natural stone sealer and permanently stain your granite. For daily cleaning we suggest using a mild soap (like dish detergent) with water or Sprayway for disinfecting. Please remember that using too much soap will leave a soapy residue on your granite. R & D Marble, Inc. also recommends that you never use cleaning products that contain ammonia (e.g. Windex) on any granite surface.

Please see the Care and Maintenance guidelines for more details on caring for your new natural stone installation or call R & D Marble with any questions you have about natural stone.

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